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The first thing we do is give you a sense of calm. We have been stomping out pests for generations, so we know what it takes to bring any pest problem under control. After we’ve discussed your situation and your concerns, we get right into action.


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5. Treat Proactively

The Immediate Approach

When you have an active pest problem, we deploy the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, which includes both a chemical and a mechanical approach. In addition to using chemicals, we inspect your property to see how we can help control and manage the pest population. For example, we look for and remedy gutter debris that attracts mosquitos and American roaches, bushes and stacked wood against your home that termites thrive on, bird seed and trash that rodents love to feast on, and standing water that invites mosquitos.

Quarterly Proactive Pest Maintenance

Our quality products are long-lasting but their effectiveness dissipates after around 90 days. We recommend regular full-service visits four times a year to help ensure a pest-free property.

Our pest maintenance program covers:

  • All crawling insects: ants, bedbugs, bees, mosquitos, roaches and spiders
  • Inspection of interior and exterior areas for pests and pest-attracting factors (e.g., standing water, wood piles, debris in gutters)
  • Treatment of exterior and interior perimeters as needed
  • Removal of pest-attracting factors as needed
  • Removal of spider webs and wasp/bee nests as needed

We Guarantee Our Services

If you find you are having a pest problem between services, we inspect, evaluate and reapply treatments for free.